Actress reveals romance with Yolanda Andrade; she left him for a man and he went to look for her in a helicopter

  • Lorena Meritano revealed that she had a short but intense relationship with Yolanda Andrade.
  • Yolanda Andrade has had several passionate relationships, one of the most famous was with Montserrat Olivier, her current friend and partner on the show ‘Mojo’.

Actress Lorraine WorthBest remembered for her role as Dinora Rosales in ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’, recently admitted on the Argentine program ‘Toda la Vida’ that Yolanda Andrade was her “only girlfriend”.

“I’ve always had heterosexual relationships, I’ve always had male lovers with boys and all of a sudden in Mexico, Mexican style, I started getting flowers and a serenade and Yolanda, who’s a wonderful character, a great actress, who played a Christian Castro novel with (. ..) I said yes to Yolanda”, Lorena Meritano commented.

Lorena, who currently lives in Argentina, told about the details of his passionate and fleeting romance with Yolanda Andrade in 1995, as she assured that she had found herself won over by the driver, but soon she was engaged to one such Met the person she liked. For which he ran away with the boy.

However, Yolanda’s love for him was so intense that, in an impulsive outburst, the host of ‘Mojo’ arrived by helicopter and accompanied by bodyguards to the place where Lorena was with this man.

“I said yes to Yolanda, I didn’t reach this month, because I met a guy I liked and of course I ran away, it was a whole sad story, that I had to leave Mexico, Yolanda Arrived in a helicopter with bodyguards looking for me where I was with the boy, he slapped me, no, no, a soap opera”. Lorena Meritano reveals about their courtship in the mid-nineties.

However, despite experiencing drama in this short relationship, Lorena told the interviewer that she has a great friendship with Yolanda Andrade, as it was in 2010, when she came to Mexico to record “Mujeres Asesinas” and the actress met again.

“We met, we hugged and we became good friends. I can say we were girlfriends, “he concluded.

Actress reveals romance with Yolanda Andrade;  she left him for a man and he went to look for her in a helicopter

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