actresses who are natural redheads

Between blondes who dye their hair red and those born with copper hair who dye it blonde, we tell you who they really are actresses who are natural redheads, These celebrities have made them shine in Hollywood not only for their great talent, their charisma and unparalleled beauty on the big screen, but also their red hair.

While there are blondes who were born to be redheads like Emma Stone, who was actually born with almost entirely platinum hair. There Are Celebrities You Wouldn’t Have Even Imagined natural redheads They constantly change their image for the various films in which they participate.

actresses who are natural redheads

Lindsey lohan

it is well known that Lindsey lohan is one natural redheadWell, most of us saw her debut in acting at the hands of Disney when she was just a girl. The American actress appeared in films such as “The Game of Twins” with long, and then short, red hair and pronounced freckles.

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan distanced herself from her roles on the big screen and was seen with a radical change of look. The actress dyed her hair almost white blonde, but It didn’t take you long to return to your red roots,

Lindsay Lohan currently makes her big return to acting with the Netflix Christmas film “Falling for Christmas,” in which she stars alongside “Glee” actor Chord Overstreet. Next November 10th is the tentative date when we’ll see the American star in this fun rom-com.

Nicole Kidman

for many years Nicole Kidman She wore her hair with an extra light golden blonde hue as we can see in movies like “Nine Perfect Strangers”, “The Scandal”, “The Interpreter”. Even then, American actress has a natural red hairShowcasing her iconic curly hair in films like “Far Horizons”, where she starred alongside Tom Cruise,

In 2019 Nicole Kidman left the blonde behind after several years and returned to her natural redhead, which made her look more rejuvenated, as they told her on social networks.

Currently, Nicole Kidman premiered her most recent film, “The Man from the North,” on April 22, which she attended alongside great stars like Anya Taylor-Joy, Alexander Skarsgard and Björk.

Marcia Cross

As we can see in the iconic series “Desperate Housewives”, Marcia Cross was born with red hair, Unlike the above actresses, she has not dyed her hair blonde, she has only worn a wig for one of her films.

Marcia Krauss has appeared in films and television shows such as “Eastwick”. Chris Evans, “Seinfeld”, “One Life to Live”, “Always Say Goodbye” and “The Source of Joy”. The actress was more active in the 90s and early 2000s as an actress, so she didn’t release anything new.

Marcia Cross’s distance from the small and big screen may be due to the fact that a few years ago she announced had anal cancer, This was revealed in 2019 via his social network with a picture in which he is seen without hair.

Jessica Chastain

The actress appeared almost platinum blonde, playing her much-hated character of Celia Foote in “Crossed Stories.” However, in most of his other films keeps her natural red hair,

hair tone so characteristic Jessica Chattan is a combination of Known as Redhead and Copper Ginger Bear, rouge or Venetian red. With this complexion, the American actress never goes unnoticed when she goes out on the red carpet of her day or various events.

Some other movies in which we can see Jessica Chastain with her natural red hair are “Ava”, “Alone Against the Power”, “The Huntsman and the Ice Queen”, among others.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Have another natural redhead Bryce Dallas Howard, who has been strongly compared to Jessica Chastain on different occasions. The similarities go beyond their typical hair color, as their beauty and talent on screen have shown that they are almost identical.

We can also see Bryce Dalla Howard in “Crossed Stories”, opposite Jessica Chastain, she wears her long hair. natural redhead,

Plus, the American actress fell in love with wearing more golden strawberry tones in “Jurassic World,” but rarely gave up her intense reds.

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