Adal Ramones and Monica Huerte find love again

“It’s crazy, it’s so stressful,” said Monica Huerte. Adal Ramones says, “It’s a low-budget film, but you have to do it because it’s a good story.”

Both are excited and anxious because this week they will shoot a 90-minute long shot, which means shooting without camera cuts and, if they make a mistake and it is not resolved through improvisation, they start from scratch. We do.

Love (Not) Is Forever is a sequel to another film Love Cannot Wait which was shot in 2016 and is available on Star+ platform with the same characters.

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If at the time it was just a couple locked in a video store, now the couple is married, expecting a child, and visiting friends, two of whom are in the process of divorce.

“A year has passed since they got married and my character is for the first time a fan of cinema, movies, but in this she is calm, happy and like being pregnant with high hormones,” explains Monica. ,

“Here, if someone makes a mistake, we have to go to the rescue, we must continue, we cannot stop. For me it is like going back to basics, it is back to your instincts from when you started. Going,” adds the 40 & 20 series actress.

Camera in hand and a residence in the south of the Mexican capital, where the garden, the living room and a set room are the weapons of filmmaker Juan Carlos Carrasco.

The cast includes Enoch Lino (also a producer), Amanda Farah, Hector Jimenez, Marta Fernanda, Moises Iván, Tania Viramontes, José Carlos Rodríguez and Antonio Monroi.

The rehearsals started on Monday and will be seen on stage this Thursday. The secret is to mark the movements of the characters and the camera so as not to obstruct their path. So it must have been repeated at least 10 times, in order to be as precise as possible at the moment of truth.

“It’s like theatre, but you have to take care of the exaggerated expressions because that’s how we feel it is… it’s a staging but cinema’s acting management”, comments Adal.

rehearsal day

And one of the shooters needed to film in a house on the south side of the city.

Love (Not) Forever is part of a trilogy. Now, along with Sergio and David Okadiz, he wrote the script for this independent production in which none of the actors are paid and act as collaborating partners.

“Everything happens in real time in one night, during dinner, from when they start to when they leave. There was a crash at 16 minutes in the past when the camera bumped into a character and we Had to start”.

The filmmaker is a lover of the sequences shot. In Santos Peregrinos and Martin at Dawn, he executed seven-minute sequence shots.

“We wrote it thinking everything would happen at once, it’s longer, it’s more complex. All the characters are at the same time, it’s like a ballet”, he added.

The film will hit the theaters in 2023.

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