Adam Sandler Admits the Reasons He Haven’t Read Reviews of His Movies for Nearly 30 Years

With his production company Happy Madison, Sandler continues his role as producer and star of his films for Netflix, a platform with which he just renewed his exclusive contract – credit: @Archivo

Adam Sandler, in addition to being one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, has quite the personal brand. The film industry requires massive amounts of exposure and—as is well known—in Sandler’s career, some roles made history and others not so much. His characters have allowed him to win millions of dollars, five Razzie Awards for worst performance and a $250 million contract with Netflix to make six movies, which he has already renewed — to an undisclosed amount — for several more. For making. Moving away from assumptions, the actor admitted that the particular criticism his work receives is not something that worries him too much.

in a recent interview with At the premiere of EW Claw On Netflix, he confessed that he hasn’t read reviews of his films in decades, and the reason is a 1995 film. At the time, a young Adam Sandler was starring in and collaborating on the scripts for the films, which went on to great box office success. los coneheads hey termingolfuntil one production changed the creator’s view of the world of cinema.

don't mess with the zohan

Sandler, in Here You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, also won five Razzie Awards for Worst Performer of the Year.

premiere of billy madison In 1995, as the actor recalled, it was a complete success with the public and raised more than $ 25 million at the box office. However, critics slammed it downright, classifying it as “garbage”.

Sandler defined the moment as a “collision with reality in the middle”, and assured that he only thought about the public’s reception when he started working in the film industry. “When I was 17 and I got into it, I didn’t think about critics, I just wanted to make films that people would watch,” Be sensible.

“When it was released billy madison And the newspapers started writing about it, my friends and I got excited. The two of us wrote the film and now a New York outlet is going to talk about it. But when they read what he said, 90% of the newspapers declared that it was ‘garbage’. Product Audiovisual: “It’s Too Hard.” After decades in the business, the comedian now admits he understands his movies don’t resonate with critics: “They’re not supposed to connect with certain things, and that’s okay.”

Adam Sandler

After decades in the business, Adam Sandler admits he understands why his movies don’t strike a chord with critics:

Despite the harsh criticism she faced in her past, her latest film Claw It seems to have been well received. “I’m glad they praised me, but everyone worked very hard on the film. I had a huge role in the film, and I made the best of what I had.” With humor that is the actor’s specialty, the film tells the story of overcoming, struggling and the challenges faced in the world of NBA. And since it does not coincide with the hero of the subject like it was the first time Worked hand in hand with LeBron James as a producer,

With this film, LeBron James will try to overcome the failure that he met Space Jam: A New Legacy – In terms of sports and basketball to be exact – and he’s joined forces with comedy maestro Sandler. If it’s humor to push This could turn out to be one of the most lucrative offers from the streaming platform this year.

to push was also directed by Jeremiah Zagarmainly known for we animals In 2018. On the writers’ side, the production featured Will Fetters, who wrote a star is born, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s film, which won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2019. The pair got it done in this area taylor materneHe was one of the narrators of NBA 2K20, the most iconic basketball video game in the video game industry to date.

an unconventional career

The 56-year-old actor has achieved what only a few can achieve. After passing through the TV programme, he jumped into cinema to interpret those man-child roles specially created for his genre. Those loud and immature characters, adulterers and romantics, losers who always win in the long run, made many unable to separate Sandler from his creatures and thought it was all he had to offer.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler on a family honeymoon

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler at the family honeymoon – Credit: @Shutterstock

Fans of romantic comedies have already been able to notice what is hidden under the surface of the general rudeness that the actor plays in the movies. like it was the first time (Available on Netflix and HBO Max), best of my weddings (HBO Max) and exclusively love Drunk (Available on HBO Max), a romance between two eccentric characters that Paul Thomas Anderson wrote with Sandler in mind. The 2002 film, which won the director the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival, earned the comedian the best reviews of his career up to that point and a Golden Globe nomination.

a surprise to many, starting with Sandler himself, who was not very convinced of his willingness to work with Anderson after watching Magnolia, his previous film. “I went to see him alone. All the tickets were sold out, I sat in the first row and I was scared. I thought: “This guy is so much better than me. I don’t want to spoil his film!” Sandler said in Adam Nyman’s book dedicated to Anderson’s filmography. Beyond their doubts, the film was made exactly as the director had envisioned it and a large portion of the public, but most of all, Sandler himself, began to look at his career in a different way.

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