Adamari Lopez and the WW diet with which she made 50 . but lost more than 10 kg

adamari lopez is affected by his physical transformation, because the driver has lost more than 10 kg in just a few months, so we present to you WW Diet Which he followed to define his silhouette. Remember that before implementing any food system you must consult an expert In that case which confirms its compatibility with Your body’s needs and well-being.

What is Weight Watchers Diet?

Also known as WW, this is a food plan that includes make good food choices Which we consume every day, that is, to include vegetables, fruits or good protein in our dishes for this purpose remove fat You Lose weight fast.

You should know that this option is not related to the famous ‘miracle diet’ as it promises lose one kilo in a week So the change will happen gradually. Too, Calories don’t count But assigns points to food and balances food with this measurement system.

How long did it take for Adamari Lopez to lose weight? Photo: IG

How long did it take for Adamari Lopez to lose weight?

As the Puerto Rican announced in an interview in late 2021, Lost more than 15 kg in 22 months (1 year and 10 months). Famous opted for a 180-degree change of life, as he eliminated some sugary foods, implemented sports and Improve your relationship with food.

So now you know, dare to take the first step so that your body stays healthy like that Admari Lopez. We appreciate your discipline and persistence!

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