Adamari Lopez’s 3 easy tricks to avoid Christmas weight gain

adamari lopez, 51, has shed an impressive weight in recent years and learned a lot about eating and health in the process. so he wanted to share something with the public Simple tips to maintain figure this Christmas seasonIn which the consumption of calories increases and what are they, we are going to tell you.

Adamari Lopez’s advice for staying slim for Christmas

bring healthy snacks

One of the tips she shared adamari lopez To avoid eating things you can’t or shouldn’t, bring snacks in your bag that allow you to replace those forbidden cravings or that satisfy your hunger in a healthy way. Like low sugar fruits or seeds.

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Adamari Lopez Beauty Secrets. Photo: Instagram

drink a lot of water

He also advised drinking plenty of water for good health and beautiful skin. It should be noted that each body is individual and requires a certain amount of fluid, but on average, experts recommend drinking two liters a day.

And avoid sugary drinks like soda, wine or chocolate during this season to avoid weight gain. Instead, opt for mineral or natural water. This simple step will save you a lot of empty calories.

Adamari tips for not gaining weight on Christmas
Adamari tips for not gaining weight on Christmas. Photo: Instagram

don’t stop exercising

No matter how hard it is, it is best not to take long breaks in your daily exercise routine, despite dates and holidays, do not neglect your body and stay active in the December weather.

eventually, adamnari lopez He also recommended meditation to stay balanced, as he recognized that being relaxed and without stress improved health as well as mood and mood. healthy weight.

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