Adame: Pati Chapoy, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and other celebrities who reacted to the actor’s beating

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 28, it was announced that the controversial alfredo adame Two victims of a criminal assault were beaten up outside their house for allegedly trying to record them. Photos of the actor’s face quickly spread on social networks, which caused reactions and comments from some of the personalities of the Mexican show after hearing the news.

During the first moments in which the incident unfolded, in the “Ventanendo” event, journalists Where is Chapoy? And some of his fellow drivers could not stop the laughter of the “nerves” at the incident tormented by the politician.

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It was one of the presenters who told information provided by a reporter: “They made up the words (Adam and some people), the guy tried to kill Alfredo and he dodged and when he tried to knock the man down So another man came and hit him in the right eye, he said.

At that time, the cameras managed to catch Chapoy trying not to smile, however, some gesture escaped him.

Along with images of Edem’s swollen face from the beating, the journalist said: “Oh, no, poor, oh no, no, no, no, let’s see if he doesn’t lose his eye, oh, oh . . ..” And he laughed, though he clarified the situation, “Sorry, but I laugh.”

Photo: Special

Photo: Special

For his part, one of those who gave his opinion was Gustavo Adolfo InfanteWe must remember that after the controversy that the journalist generated when he exploded against his partners Anna María Alvarado and Joanna Vega-Biestro in “Sal el Sol”, Adam publicly expressed that he wanted Infante to be televised. to be removed, for which the journalist speculated to clarify that he had not planned action against the actor.

“Right now that Alfredo Adam has been beaten, many people are marking me, telling me: ‘Hey, Gustavo…’, I didn’t go, eh, I didn’t. I give you my word that Luckily I was in the air, because he is able to say that I ordered him to be killed,” he said.

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Adolfo said that in Adam’s version, he tried to help the victims of a shooting and the only thing he “did” was to ask what had happened.

“They are accusing them of recording the people they shot, so the relatives realized it, hit them,” he said, adding, “You can’t record a person shooting a person, That is, what is happening to us, what is happening.”

The journalist continued to reiterate the facts, saying that hopefully the brutal beating would not harm the actor’s health: “Even if I vomit, I can’t stand the man, I can’t stand someone.” don’t want to harm.”

Adame also shared a picture on the social network in which he is seen sitting and you can see the bloody edges of his eye.

Ray Grupero commented on the snapshot with “hahahaha,” while influential Fofo Marquez mimicked the comedian’s reaction. His views were not appreciated by some of Adam’s supporters who criticized him.



Adam’s Retinal Detachment

The actor himself explained that he could have suffered serious damage from the blow because he doesn’t see anything with his right eye: “Sure, a medical examiner is going to see me. My wound is under the right eyebrow and eye. Of course I have retinal detachment because I can’t see absolutely anything,” he said.

With information from Mariel Lopez.

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