Admari Lopez 50. Teaches style with shorts ideal for older women

Adamari López is an actress and television presenter born in Puerto Rico, but who is known not only for her participation in soap operas, but also in various programs and reality shows throughout Latin America. At 51 years old, Tony Costa’s ex-wife is in charge of showing that age is no deterrent in showing off her incredible figure and through a story instagramGrabbed everyone’s eyes by wearing a mini short which is meant for work for women of her age.

in the last weeks, adamari lopez She revolutionized social networks when she shared a video of a young dancer and Zumba instructor, Martin Mitchell, dancing in a very sensual way. The Puerto Rican driver was consulted about his relationship and said: “Martin is a very nice person. I met him because he introduced me to the group I do my reels with. He treated me very well. And we have good chemistry.”

Although for many years performance lopez She is far from soap operas, she is in charge of two television programs. For a few days it was said that ‘today’, the cycle in which he is in charge, would end in November due to administrative decisions. At present, the driver has not commented on this matter.

Adamari Lopez, 51-year-old driver. Source Instagram @adamarilopez

On his Instagram account where he has more than eight million followers, adamari lopez Responsible for making its fans happy by sharing all kinds of content. In her stories, the 51-year-old actress published a picture in which she is seen wearing a mini short that is ideal for women over 50 and it caused an uproar, lighting up the network.

Admari Lopez made everyone fall in love with this mini short. Source Instagram @adamarilopez

As far as his personal life is concerned, adamari lopez She has left behind her ex-husband and father of their daughter Tony Costa and will be enjoying her single life, despite the fact that she is engaged to a Zumba dancer. In addition, she exhibited incredible physical transformation which, according to her, changed her life in a great way.

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