Admari Lopez made a video that left Tony Costa’s girlfriend on the ground

adamari lopez

One of the most beloved couples in entertainment was Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa, but their relationship ended more than a year ago, now Tony has a new girlfriend, the same one with whom he has recently been in a relationship. And those who celebrated and boasted on social networks.

Thus, fans have always assumed that she was the reason for the separation between Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez; Many of them don’t like him very much. And every video or indirect alert is placed on this topic.

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And recently Admari published a video dressed in black in which she clearly says: “No mood, get off your cloud, she didn’t leave me because you’re better than me, what happens is she picks up the garbage in the house And I take the love for her work” and says it through another person’s audio, something that Puerto Ricans always do with their humorous videos.

because the gesture is so strong

It turns out that one of the Puerto Rican videos when she was with Tony was always for her to take out the trash, and that’s why fans made fun of it when they saw it, but now it looks like the joke has taken on another color. Because the fans have taken it literally.

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