Adriana Chechik reports double fracture during TwitchCon game

Streamer Adriana Chechik reported two spinal fractures after an accident in a pool filled with soft cubes.

The dynamics of the accident was recorded during one of the twitchconThe festival that brings together the core talents of Twitch.

The young woman was participating in a gladiator-style game and when she defeated her opponent, she launched herself to celebrate; However, the soft material of the pool did not stop his fall and his body collided with the base.

One person asked if he was okay; He said yes at first but immediately realized the seriousness of the injury and called for help.

Well, I broke my back in two places and today I’m going to have surgery to put in a three foot rod for support.

Adriana Chechik is 30 years old. At the age of 22, she made her debut in the porn industry, where she won several awards for her performances in major production companies in the United States.

The young lady has leveraged digital platforms to reach out to her fans and has over 800,000 followers on Twitch alone, with whom she shares games, anecdotes and dynamics.

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