Aduin Caz, Grupo Firme, Canelo Alvarez fight . used drugs after

Mexico City ,

one more time eduin casethe singer firm grouphas been placed in the eye of controversy, when the musician confessed that after the fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin Last September 17, drugs used Because he wanted to live a strong experience.

fact he admitted eduin case During the conversation he firm group Thief nikki jamoafter the awards billboardwhere the musician revealed that The medicine he took made him lose his attitude towards things and the time came when He felt upset by his fans They were just looking for a photo with him.

“(A friend) brought some gummies and he gave me a gummy… I was already ‘happy’ and I ate a gummy… as Half an hour later I was seeing about 100 people Stops waiting for me for the photo”.

,I caught myself running between small machines and people: ‘Eduin a photo’, I was in another world, I thought ‘The Walking Dead’ was on“, indicated Case,

Mexican musician explained that Canelo after the fight chose to use the drug because i wanted to continue the partyAlthough he admitted that It was very strong and “hit him very badly”.,

at the height of his fame

eduin case You firm group going through a great moment in his career, evidenced by his presentation last September Mexico City’s Zocalowhere he planted a Attendance record with 280 thousand people got together.

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