Afrika Zavala: 3 bikinis with which she turns on the network under the sun

Africa Zavala, Mexican telenovela actress who has become a television icon today She also conquers social networks, becomes a fashion influencer And accustomed to receiving thousands of accolades for her talent and beauty.

“Overcome the Past” actress in recent weeks The impressive bikini with which she enjoys the sun on your weekend. For example, in September, Mexican shows off her figure with a dark green bikini With dropped shoulders and slats on the sides.

Photo: @afri_zavala

On another occasion he looked from the pool A blue and black print outfit that garnered over 72,000 likes of his followers, but undoubtedly one of the most iconic moments was when she wore a light pink bikini with ruffles which exposed its clear curves.

Who is Africa Zavala?

Africa Ivonne Lettuce Zavala is a model and television actress He has won the affection of the public For his participation in “Corona de Lagrimas”, “Vencer el Past”, “Estella Carrillo”, among others.

The actress has participated in such productions as “The Double Life of Estella Carrillo”, “La Jefa del Pantion”, “Amorcito Corazon” and “La Malecarida”. Photo: @afri_zavala

was born on 12 August 1985 in Mexico City, where he lived His brother Sergio and his parents in childhood. since I was a child Show business interest and entered the Center for Artistic Education (CEA) of Televisa.

about your 20s started venturing into Television “Under one roof”A production by Gerardo Ortiz who later Be a part of another telenovela called “Peregrina” Sharing credits with Eduardo Capetillo.

She has been active for her entire career. Year after year it is progressing in projects like “The Double Life of Estella Carrillo”, “Head of the Gods”“Amorcito Corazon” and “La Malcherida”.

Afrika Zavala gathered more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram Photo: @afri_zavala

Aside from his career, Afrika Zavala found love Leon PerazaA Venezuelan actor who has appeared and played in series such as “As in the neighborhood as in heaven” Vital figures as Andres Garcia.

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