Afrika Zavala paralyzed the stage of “The Lord of the Skies” by modeling her figure

Africa Zavala She is considered one of the most beautiful actresses on Mexican television, which she featured on the social network with her most recent publication showing how she was paralyzed. Stage of “The Lord of the Skies” by modeling her figure in a small floral dress. The celebrity shared a short clip on her digital platform, which had a similar reaction from her fans, who flooded her with flattering words as well as hundreds of “likes”.

this Tuesday, Zavala shared on your account instagram A video in which he paraded through the forums of the Telemundo series. The actress captivated some of the staff members who saw her walk in her bubbly outfit, as she certainly caught the eye during filming as well as on social networks, as many of her more than 2.1 million followers called her Wrote a few compliments, in which she recognizes that she is one of the most beautiful in entertainment.

africa zavala model short dress

The 37-year-old actress clarified that the outfit is part of her character “Mecha” Starring in the eighth season of the series Raphael AmayaBecause in his meta platform account he published hashtags #africazavala #esdlc8 #Mecha and #oset, with which he published some kiss and smiley emojiDue to the fact that in the video it is seen how some of his companions They watch while she shows off her beauty on stagewhich appears to be a pause.

,splendid and gorgeous”, “Beautiful!”, “Woooo woman”, “Pretty beautiful lady”, “Pretty my friend!” And “cute angel”, there are some messages that can be read from his followers and friends of show business, among them Maribel Guardia and Angelique Boyer, However, the comment that came out was the one that says “That hated gentleman with the hat he looks at you hehe he is you look awesome beautiful”, as they could see that even in the recording of the play, she continues to captivate with her splendid silhouette.

The image shows how Afrika Zavala models her silhouette in a white dress with a flower print, which she had previously shown off and was loved by her fans. The piece stands out for its ruffles at the end of the skirt and for its neckline, which gives it a sensual and captivating touch that shows off its curves, as it fits perfectly into its silhouette, which makes it look great. Leaves everyone speechless.

Afrika Zavala conquers her IG followers @afri_zavala

africa if One of its best moments since the second season ofcrown of tearswhere he shares the credit Victoria Ruffo and now it’s recording “Lord of the Sky 8”A new project that adds to her long list of works on the small screen in which she has become one of the public’s favourites, because apart from being beautiful, she is also talented and charismatic.

“Under One Roof”, “Peregrina”, “The Champion’s Boss” and “Atrapada” are some of the soap operas with which he has gained fame, which is reflected in his social networks, as he has millions of followers. Huh. She also teaches styling and showcases her beauty by placing herself as one of the beautiful people on television and digital platforms where she already holds a place as a fashionista.

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Afrika Zavala slays the net by modeling her silhouette in short shorts and top

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