After 12 years of absence Eugenio Derbez will once again be Lonje Moko and his characters

Eugenio Derbez made the news in a short video that he posted on his social networks. How many of you “It was terrible, it was terrible!” Do you remember?

Eugenio Derbez spends his time recovering after an accident in a virtual reality game with his son Vadhir Derbez, and while Alessandra Rosaldo is on tour in Mexico with the 90s Pop Tour, it seems A plan that will thrill everyone, This is not a sequel to No Return Accepted, nor is it a confirmation of a third season of Acapulco. Much better.

Perhaps this idea came to him from old memories. Do you remember that Eugenio was the most important person for Televisa during the World Cup capsule? he retiredNow Facundo is the ambassador in Qatar 2022. In an interview, he assured that it was stressful to achieve the goals that Emilio Azcaraga’s company asked of him, he took a lot of risk and was even arrested for walking out in the 2002 Korea–Japan World Cup. Naked to ride a bike.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, the director commented that he recently went to the dentist and a child recognized him. I kept watching it. When He asked him how it went, the little boy told him “It was terrible, it was terrible!” The little boy recognized the lovely boy of Lonje Moko, He then explained Armando Hoyos with his “Shut up, don’t interrupt me”. It just doesn’t say whether he did the same hand movement.

“It happens to me quite often that when I go down the street, people shout at me the phrases of my characters. And it’s very curious, because I stopped doing my TV roles 10 or 12 years ago. it impresses me that people remember them“, he assured. All these emblematic characters of Mexican television were a source of joy for many Mexicans in programs such as Derbez en cuando and XHDRBZ. The last one was Ludivico P.Luche in La Familia P.Luche.


Eugenio Derbez as Marilyn Manson in Korea Japan 2002

,So the time has come to celebrate them. I have a surprise for you. Be very careful these days because the time has come“, he continued. Although his hand is still steady, it seems that the father of José Eduardo and Aislin Derbez will not remain steady and spends his time portraying himself as Lonje Moko, Aaron Abasolo, Armando Hoyos, Marilyn Manson We just hope he doesn’t come back as Julio Esteban, a canceled parody of Walter Mercado.

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