After breaking up with his boyfriend Niurka Marcos, he declared his love for the Mexican actress

niurka marcos

Niurka Marcos has been the center of attention on social networks in recent weeks because of her break with Juan Vidal, in most of her appearances she still seemed affected by this separation. He went through all the stages and dared to give advice to Shakira and all the other actresses who seemed to be in the same situation, even though no one asked him for it.

Everything seemed to be fading away until he decided to create controversy again for yet another scandalous statement like his crush on actress Kate del Castillo, whom he considers himself a fan and beyond that, he feels in love with. does. This is nothing new, since last year he announced it but it was not until this week that he presented photos of his meeting with “La Reina del Sur”.

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He poses with her in pictures and also sends her friendly greetings. Niorka appears very recharged and relaxed next to Kate del Castillo and immediately all her followers remembered that a year ago she said that she does not like women, but if one day she likes them, She could happily choose Angelina Jolie. It was a question of picking Mexican women, I would do it with Kate del Castillo.

Niorka confesses her crush to Kate del Castillo’s boyfriend

The meeting in which Niurka saw her “crush” was a coincidence, in a restaurant in Mexico City she saw the actress with her boyfriend Rodrigo Behena and they decided to greet each other while Niurka took care of her children. Had dinner together, so the star took advantage and took some photos of the moment, “It was so beautiful to see you again friend”, dedicated to Eric del Castillo’s daughter Niorka.

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