After disappearing for 14 years, Adela Noriega makes an impact on Mexican television after returning to the screen

adela noriega She is considered one of the most famous and beloved actresses on Mexican television in the nineties; He has a long career and is best remembered for his involvement in novels like “Quinceanera” (1987), “Sweet Challenge” (1988), “Guadalupe” (1993), “María Bonita” (1995), among other transcendental productions with which she stole the hearts of thousands.

However, the famous stage artist has become a myth for 14 years after his brilliant participation in the soap opera. “Blood in the Fire”Since then nothing is known about her or the reasons that led her to disappear from the public eye.

Despite the fact that the scenic artist has official profiles on Twitter and social networks instagram, Noriega does not usually share many things publicly; However, his memory lives on among the public who know his work and who also remember him as a fine artist.

Adela Noriega returns to Mexican television

The public was recently fuming when it was announced that a classic soap opera Mexico i was back ok Televisa Univision declare adela noriega Returned to the small screen for the broadcast of the telenovela “El Privilege de Amar”, a production in which the currently 52-year-old actress established herself as one of the most beloved in the Aztec land.

This telenovela was originally broadcast in 1990 and Adela Amalia is in charge sharing the lead role with Noriega Méndez Rene Strickler, who also serves as the leading figure within the narrative; Significantly, it is an adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela.

Famous created a sensation when she returned to Mexican television and it has also been said that the melodrama is one of the most watched television today, and in fact the YouTuber of the show alejandro zuniga reported that Adela’s return has been a tremendous success on the screens of the San Ángel television station: “What she is doing incredible with her return is El Privilege de Amar,” he expressed about Noriega’s return to television.


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