After her disappearance worries everyone, Amaia Montero is found

amaya montero

Who does not remember Amaia Monteiro, the famous singer of the musical group called La Oreja de Van Gogh, she conquered with songs like: A thousand roses and the beach; During her career, she achieved many successes as a solo artist, however, she alarmed the world when she published a picture on her Instagram account in which she looked very emaciated and the text gave an account of the Great Depression. Jokha given that she was going through.

All messages of support from fans failed to elicit a response from the singer or his close circle, leaving everyone wondering where he was or what was happening to him and worrying his fans.

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Until his whereabouts were revealed and photographs of his stay in rehabilitation were leaked, as confirmed by Lecturas magazine, which published the images, the interpreter from La Playa resorted to professional help and spent a few days Admitted to a clinic for. Navarre.

What happened to Amaya Montero?

It is known that the singer left the clinic and was picked up by her sister Idoya; While a source close to the singer assured that she is better and is focusing on work to move forward.

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