After losing all his money (70,000 pesos) due to a scam, Flor Amargo sends a powerful message.

Mexican multi-instrumentalist Flor Amargo stands outside the streets of Mexico City for his concerts (Photo: Media & Media / Getty Images).

a bitter flower She likes to present herself as a street artist in places like metro, squares or outdoor gardens. In his social networks, he highlights his way of looking at life away from material attachment or allowing it to be healed. Thank you for these perspectives and visions, The singer has shown strength and wisdom to face a scandal that has cost her thousands of pesos,

Emma Mayte Carballo Hernandez, artistically known as Flor Amargo, condemned Victim of fraud, which cost him more than $3,500 (70 thousand Mexican pesos) stolen from his bank account In recent days.

The interpreter of ‘Luciernaga Azul’ said that he received a call from the number of Citibanamex Bank, an institution where he had financial assets, to inform him that they have hacked His phone and he was being robbed. The alleged officers told him that he should transfer his money to other “secure” accounts of the same bank, while he gave them folios to reflect his savings.

Since she was given information that only she knew and which she handed over to the bank, she never relied on the process. “They talk to you on the phone, they cheat you and tell you they should protect your money (…). It’s people from the same bank, they use people’s phones to call them do. they know when they paid. me, it was a performance that they paid me in cash,” he explained in more detail in an interview. don’t like gossip,

In a matter of hours, the Asuncion Nochixtlan native of Oaxaca had lost all her money and was left with just 20 cents, or $0.010.

“I start playing in the street, but my safety should never be in the money because if it’s in the money, imagine, if they take it away from you, your safety is gone, how many people go bankrupt. Reasons do not commit suicide. You have to learn to live when it is not and whenever it is,” he said on his Facebook account.

but The latter reflection is the one that has amazed most for its resilience and the lesson it delivers from adversity., This is not the first time she has done this, as she considers herself an instrument of something divine, “a divinity who gave me a mission and that is to never give up and always show the beautiful side of life, No matter how bitter”, as he showed in the video posted on TikTok.

When you lose money you lose nothing, but when you lose a friend, when you lose yourself, you lose everything. When you lose faith… I’m left with 20 cents and a lot of debt, but how much is a finger worth? How much is it worth that I can breathe, how much is it worth that my body is working for my health?bitter flower

He also joked about what happened and, he said, could be part of a new song:

Her resilience only reinforces empathy in everyone who knows her, like last August when she had surgery in her womb after introducing 12 fibroids into her uterus. During a live broadcast, the artist never blamed herself for her illnesses and demonstrated her ability to always be based on love, respect and trust in her body and the process she was experiencing.

On that occasion, he advised all his followers to examine themselves and pay attention to their bodies to avoid some more serious health problems. “I asked God a lot, I’ve always been on the side of self-love and we have to take care of ourselves. If we have cysts, fibroids, women, let’s go to the gynecologists, check our organs, Examine your hair, your nails, your little eyes, your teeth, because the body is what sustains the soul, because it is a temple that they lend us to go through this life, giving us much respect, much care. We have to invest in our body”.

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