After ‘Overcome the Absence’ End, Rosie Ocampo Announces ‘Overcome the Guilt’

At the end of the telenovela chapter, the title of the fifth installment of the ‘Vensor’ universe was announced.

By: Santiago Mobaraki


Overcoming Guilt will be the fifth installment of the ‘Overcome’ saga

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the end of “Overcome Absence” He not only left us speechless with the conclusion of the story, but also confirmed that the “Vensor” universe created by Rosie Ocampo will be the fifth installment.

The title of this new production will be “Overcome Crime” And it is expected to hit the screens of Las Estrellas soon.

Earlier, Ocampo announced that the writing team was developing a possible script for a new telenovela of the famous saga: “The entire writing team They’ve already worked on five different synopses, the idea being to subject them to research and see which of them have the most potential., However, with the challenge of surprising the audience, it is always waiting for the green light from the company and for that reason, this fourth one is very different from the previous one”, he told Produ.

‘Overcome’ the universe!

“overcome”, build

Rosie Ocampo,

was born as a television franchise with the aim of entertaining through the stories of four female characters that address emerging and current issues.

With these stories, you’ll be able to see admirable problems that reflect the reality we live and face every day.

“Overcome Fear”, “Overcome Heartbreak”, “Overcome the Past” You “Overcome Absence” He won the hearts of the audience with his impressive visuals and performances by his cast.

how about? Find out more about “Overcoming Crime” by Las Estrellas very soon.

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