After ticket resale: hordes of bots take control of them so you pay more to attend your favorite band’s concert

It’s already a classic: the international megagroup is announcing that it’s selling tickets to its macro-concert in X hours and you, who waited 30 minutes to buy the ‘door,’ Suddenly you find yourself in a virtual queue of 120,000 people, And the worst part is that most of the people who beat you up are bot with dubious intentions.

Exactly the same dubious intentions we’ve come to talk about today 20bits, How? An Underworld of Ticket Resale Has Been CreatedFacilitated largely by current technological equipment, and what the artist wants to do about it, his loyal fans are fed up with being enraged and crying out for heaven. Paying more to attend their concerts,

This controversy has recently intensified due to condemnation on the subject. What has the group done? heavy metal German rammstein, The band has gone to court against Viagogo, one of the websites that currently exists for ticket resale – and perhaps one of the platforms behind the mass purchase. bot,

The group aims to prevent tickets for their European tour for 2023 from being resold on the platform., Notably, Rammstein, together with European promoter MCT Agentur, has managed to obtain regional jurisdictions. Hamburg Issue a court order legally banning Viagogo from secondary sales Ticket at their concerts.

This is the second time the Hamburg Regional Court has legally prohibited the Swiss-based company from resale of Rammstein stamps. Same Court Order in 2018, Similarly, he points out, the court’s order is “based on consumer protection rules that were defined as recently as May 2022.”

nominal ticket

In addition to prohibiting its resale, Only person whose full name appears in Ticket, which will be verified with an identity card. At the time of purchase, you need to enter the name and Day And this information will appear in the input.

Eventim is the only authorized platform to sell tickets for Ramstein’s 2023 European Tour show. This means that if you a. buy Ticket You will not have any rights to a resale page, as stated in the terms of the Doc Music website, the organizer of the concerts that the German group gives as part of their world tour in Madrid in June 2023.

“If you purchased your ticket to a concert hosted by Doc Music on a resale page (for example, Viagogo, Stubhub, Giggsburg, etc.), you have been the victim of a Danger!Why? Participation in the concert is not valid nor does it confer any other rights”, the website states.

In the event that a buyer is unable to participate, resell shall be possible only through the fanALE website distributed by Eventim, and Transactions can be done only from December 1, 2022,

search engine problem

For years, the group has cracked down on ticket hawkers who sell invalid and overpriced tickets. “The court’s ruling is a warning sign for anyone who thinks they may be selling illegal and overpriced Rammstein tickets and Advertise them on popular search engines”, he said when the first sentence was introduced in 2018, which affected music program During his tour of Germany in 2019.

One of the main criticisms is the favorable positioning of secondary selling platforms in browser search results. that is, Group suggests favors resale portal SEOSo that their posts appear on top, dwarfing even official channels.

To reach Internet users, resale portals invest a lot of money in advertising, either on search engines like Google or on social networks like Facebook. In fact, advertising for specific events they know will generate a lot of interest is their number one source of customer acquisition. So much so, that due to the havoc and uproar caused by this type of portal, Google decided to exclude Viagogo from its advertising program in July 2019.

Current law leaves a legal void

the problem with this is that no clear regulation, The current law on the sale of tickets dates back to the 1980s and, according to jurists, is an obsolete law since it was first enacted. Internet became popular in Spain.

Thus, the only currently applicable state regulation is RD 2816/1982, which approves Police Regulations for Public Shows and Recreational Activities, which in its Article 67.2 prohibits the road or travel sale and resale of tickets(s) . It says nothing about the consequences of this type of action if they are done virtually, so we say that online resale is in a Escape route,

Later, Autonomous communities have acquired powers in matters of public spectacle, so most have resale rules. But only Galicia explicitly prohibits the secondary sale of tickets. online,

This framework has led to the presence of various portals dedicated exclusively to the resale of shows, concerts and sporting events, such as the aforementioned Viagogo. They are websites that give the appearance of being an official page, but in practice There are channels where tickets are sold at very high prices,

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