Aida Cortes: 3 photos that crown her the most daring Marilyn on Instagram

Netflix only needed a few days to present its new series MerlinaAs one of the most popular on the stage, millions fell in love with its drama and the new actors playing the Addams family. love for young marilyn adams Reached the eyes of the content creator Aida Cortes, who did not hesitate to launch her most daring version with a series of photos on her Instagram profile,

Colombian Aida Cortes wows her fans with three photos from her room wearing a black lace bodysuittoo tight, and Marilyn-style hair up, split down the middle and with two flirty pigtails covering part of her bust. The influencer wrote on Instagram: “Merlina” and with the message black heart emoji And a blushing face.

Aida is from Colombia. Photo: @aidacortesll_

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hint of Aida Cortes was very well received by his fans and adds to the Merlin Theme Compared to other content manufacturers AriGameplays Whoever Came Out Dressed Like Young Merlina Addams, With these pictures, Aida managed to cross 4 million followers on her Instagram profile and was crowned as one of the The most beautiful Merlinas of this 2022,

Aida confesses to being a fan of Marilyn. Photo: @aidacortesll_

Aida Cortes is so professional that she got into the role of Marilyn And she maintained a serious and sad face for the photos, much like young Adams, which sparked dozens of comments talking about her intense eyes and pale face. sWithout a doubt, Aida would be a great actress to play this famous horror character,

Photo: Instagram @aidacortesll_

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