Airbus Beluga A300-600ST: megaplane capable of carrying a combat helicopter in its gut

Airbus has evolved A cargo system for the transport of military goods For Beluga A300-600ST aircraft. This capability was tested during validation exercises with the German Armed Forces when the CH53 military helicopter was introduced on the Beluga model.

In-spite of this cavity is rare at this time, Many customers are looking for solutions for the transportation of large air cargo. The company is working on a remarkable solution that focuses on speed, agility and autonomy to perform these types of tasks.

To do this, Airbus Defense and Space built the charging system for a year and a half. This innovation allows the operation of the CH53 helicopter with reduced disassembly for transport completed in less than an hour and a halfAlso, you will not need a crane to use it.

For now, innovation is subject to final confirmation In the coming weeks, but before services were announced by the Bundeswehr, the Beluga fleet was only used to transport large aircraft as part of the company’s production system.

With the arrival of the new BelugaXL inspired by the A330-200 platform, the BelugaST fleet is ready to run transport services of customers around the world.

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