Aleida Nñez models her figure with a shirt and poses as “Sugar Daddy”

He appeared with a casual and urban look, but with a lot of revealing aleida nunezu In her latest Instagram post, the actress as she modeled her figure with just a shirt that turned her on the network and won her more than 3.9 million followers, who wished to flood her with compliments and “like” her. Didn’t miss the opportunity. “For your publication.

The actress and singer has become very active on her social networks, especially on the Meta platform, where, in addition to promoting her VIP page, in which she presents her fans with flashy lingerie, she shares her work in the art world. Also shows updates. , like this Friday when heA pleasant surprise to the fans of.

Aleida Núñez shared her IG look @aleidanunez. increased temperature with

Aleida is seen with Nñez shirt

Nunez, 41, shared a photo from the recording studio on his social network, confirming that he would be returning to music, after he released the song. “The Tickle”. In the image, the artist also took the opportunity to “introduce” her.sugar daddy“Well, we must remember that it became a trend a few months back because of his relationship with an older man.

“Preparing the musical wonder, here with my sugar drinkFor those who were worried about meeting her, haha ​​#show #cumbia #norteño #banda @fzmanagement” were the words and hashtags with which Alida Nunez shared the picture. In this way, the actress referred to the shirt I was wearing because I had the image Homer Simpson eating some donuts.

Aleida Nunez shows off her “sugar” Photo: Screenshot

Apart from showing off her sense of humour, Alida also gave a class of style by wearing this t-shirt with a character print. “the Simpson” Like a mini dress. The television host also wore the only outfit that allowed him to show his toned legs, Which he thanks to his intense exercise routine that he also teaches on his social networks.

urban look She completed it with a white sun hat, making it a perfect outfit for spending the day. During the summer, change mini dresses for oversized shirts This was a very notable trend among young women, some even pairing it with lycra or shorts to provide more protection while walking down the street.

With this publication, in addition to showing off your street style, aleida nunezu He also showed that he takes some things with humour, since the time he went out with Millionaire Bubba Soulsbury It was said that he was her “sugar daddy”, that is, a man who paid her for everything from a luxurious trip to Asia to some expensive gifts. However, the actress, who is no longer in a relationship with the businessman, always defended herself and assured that she works to pamper herself.

Alida had an affair with millionaire Bubba Salisbury Photo: FB

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Aleida Nñez raises the temperature with a fitted dress with a clear neckline

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