Aleida Nñez raises the temperature by showing off her figure in transparent stockings

If it’s about looking daring, aleida nunezu She is one of those actresses who boasts of this type of clothes in which she reveals herself impressive figure, for example he did with silver dress and transparent stockings Which he shared on his Instagram account, in which he raised the temperature by earning hundreds of flattering comments from his followers.

The 41-year-old actress is multifaceted, as she tops work in soap operas “warrior heart”“And being a host of programs, singing career, With which the tour of the Mexican Republic has begun. His show is very popular, because besides Mix different styles of music shines with Her bold looks, as she has admitted that she likes them to be sexy.

Aleida Nñez turns the net with stockings transparently

this thursday, nunez Shared with his more than 3.9 million followers on the platform meta a picture in which she models a Very revealing and innovative outfit, Well, it’s made of some tapes revealing her silhouette, which she thanks to her intense exercise routine that she shows on the same social network.

Aleida Núñez transparent stockings IG @aleidanunez . shows with

In one of the collages, the singer flaunts her curvy figure in a silver ensemble that attracts attention by bringing together panties and tops with some ribbon that crosses the stomach. Likewise, he wears a jacket of the same color to complement this modern piece which is perfect for the type of shows that take place in different theaters and theaters in the city.

“I will sing along to my show at the Rodeo de la Feria in Zaragoza, Puebla this Sunday, October 9th, don’t miss it! #cumbia #norteño #banda #aleidanuñez,” he announced aleida And took the opportunity to show what her fans would be able to see during her concerts, as she prefers to wear clothes that show off her worked out figure.

in the image aleida nunezu Share You can see how she paired her stunning outfit with some sheer stockings Which has some great applications, this piece allows her to highlight her worked legs which are highly admired by her followers, as she always gets flattering comments.

Aleida Núñez on her IG show @aleidanunez. showed his figure during

Also, the actress and singer is one of those celebrities who have Took advantage of her beauty to open a VIP page, Where he shares photos for adults. like personality Ivon Monteiro and Suge Abrego, The Jalisco native has used her other accounts as a meta platform to give “a little flavor” of what her customers can find.

The artist is well known since he began his career in telenovelas “Mom takes our boyfriends”, starred by Angelica Maria, and has since continued to work on productions such as “La fe mas bella”, “Hasta el fin del mundo” and “warrior heart”“; he would also return to the stage with “Grandius El Musical”.

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