Aleida Nñez turns on the net in a tight black bodysuit

aleida nunezu impressed his fans during the first show of “make music great“, in which he not only showed his talent, but he also showed off his costume the tight body with which she showed off her curves and stylized shape. The actress responded to some of the clips in her official accounts recorded by her fans, who visited her on the show this Thursday, so network turned on And given the taste of what you can enjoy.

The 41-year-old actress returns to the stage with a theatrical drama Manolo Fabregas. This new project had him very excited, as he saw it in many of his stories on his Instagram account, as he constantly showed some rehearsals. Now that the show has started, aleida She replayed some videos recorded by her teammates and fans before and during the show, where she left everyone speechless by showing off her singing, dancing and acting skills.

Aleida Nñez With A Tight Body Turns At The Net

Nez shared on his Meta Platform account, where he has 3.9 million followers, a video posted by Laura Flores, Who is also a part of the music, in which it is seen how they prepare to go on stage. even in the clip thong manterola, Another star with whom the Jalisco native shares credits and who also stands out with her daring looks as she shows off her silhouette at the age of 50 with them.

Aleida Nñez is seen in a black bodysuit. Photo: Screenshot

In addition, the recording shows that Aleida Nez will continue to show off her revealing style, Well, her character also wears the same clothes as she usually wears in her shows. actress was seen in youn black fitted bodysuit in which Thrown light on your figure Which is highly admired by her fans, who always fill her with flattering words in each of their posts on social networks where she looks sexier like this.

Likewise, Aleida gave “a little taste” of what the public would be able to enjoy during her participation. “Great, Musical”, Where he has scenes in which he shows off his acting abilities and vocal talents as he sings and dances. In the same way, she will accentuate the style with her outfits like bodysuit which stands out for it Deep V-neckline and frilly mini skirtAs well as his long black boots and his cowboy hat, which may indicate which regional Mexican character he plays.

This project adds to the work he has done in his 20-year career, as we must remember that Aleida produced “Between Love and Hate”, “Lasvias del Amor”, “La Fe Mas” in the early 2000s. Like participated in telenovelas. Bella” and most recently in “Corazón Guerrero”, as well as in the programs “Vida TV” and “Viva la Manana”, in which she showed her talent as a host.

The actress sings and dances during the show. Photo: Screenshot

Aleida Nez is in one of her best moments, because in addition to being in this stage she is also being successful with her VIP page, because we must remember that celebrities like Sugi Abrego and Ivonne Monteiro, She opened an exclusive content site, showing off her sexiest side by uploading photos in which she models daring lingerie and with which she raises the temperature.

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