Alejandra Guzman Shows An X-Ray And What Her Hip Looks Like After Falling

alejandra guzman She is set to resume her concerts after she fell on stage last week and can no longer finish her performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, where the 35th Hispanic Heritage Gala in the United States was being held .

The singer, who has two hip prostheses, and has undergone multiple surgeries since 2009 to remove a substance called methyl methacrylate, which was injected when she wanted to increase the size of her buttocks, has been praised by her fans. shared with us how she is shown hips after the incident on stage.

After what happened, it was revealed that the 54-year-old interpreter had dislocated her hip and for this reason she could no longer appear on Latin billboards, however, hours after the incident, Guzmán said via an audio She was in great health and asked her fans not to worry; It was not on the billboards because of the complexity of finding Hurricane Ian and the flights.

Alejandra Guzmani’s state of health

The singer posted an X-ray of her pelvis, where her prosthesis can be seen, and wrote: “Everything in its place.”

So far, Sylvia Pinal’s daughter hasn’t canceled her appearances; In October it will take place on the 22nd in Palenque de Pachuca; It will be presented on the 27th at the Teatro Morelos in Toluca, Mexico state, while in the United States in November.

On 16th, 18th and 19th of that month he will be at the Venetian Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, while on December 1st he will perform at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California, and on the 3rd he will be at Besame Mucho Fest. , in Los Angeles, California.

Frida Sophia, the daughter of the interpreter of “Eternally Beautiful”, was questioned about the accident that happened to her mother, but Frida, far from being moved, confessed that for a long time she did not care that What happens to her mother, like she doesn’t care that her sister Natasha Moctezuma recently died: “What can I tell you? When my sister died she didn’t even talk to me He doesn’t exist anymore for me.”


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