Alejandra Guzman shows what her titanium prosthesis looks like

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A few days ago, a video featured the shocking moment in which Alejandra Guzman collapsed on stage after amputating her hip and femur during a concert in Washington. Which quickly went viral on the network, however, with the singer confirming hours later that she was fine, though in great pain.

Now through social networks, Enrique Guzmán’s daughter shared a shocking photo of her hip X-ray, whom he took to the hospital and the one with whom confirm that everything is fine And instead, after several days of speculation.

This image is accompanied by the message: “Everything in its place”. The daughter of Sylvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán has a prosthesis on each side of her hip, which, in turn, connects to the femur of each leg.


Alejandra Guzman’s team has reported that the singer is stable and will return to Washington in 2023. To give concerts which could not end because of this accident.

In 2009 the singer underwent treatment for the buttocks In which he introduced biopolymers that caused serious harm to his health, for which 40 operations have been performed to remove the material.

We share the video of Alejandra Guzmán’s shocking fall:

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