Alejandro Fernandez was left without press on the stage of the October festival

Various media avoided covering his concert in October festival due to lack of organization

concert of Alexander Fernandez was part of the programs scheduled for october partiesa series of concerts that take place in Guadalajara Jalisco. However, various media came together to “veto” him from their coverage and did not publicize his involvement.

This was stated through a statement by various websites and written media of the national and international press:

This was the position of the press (Photo: Screenshot)

“Following an analysis table, an agreement was reached that local media, Mexico City and international as well as correspondents from the United States and Latin America, not to carry out our journalistic work in connection with the presentation due to a lack of The interest shown by their press office and public relations towards the Journalists’ Association”

apparently arose out of disagreement lack of organizationSince the public relations representatives of Colt He did not show interest in managing recognition for concerts, interviews, all kinds of work required to receive attention from the artist and journalistic coverage.

The annoyance of the media signing this position was especially strong because The singer’s manager assured that Alejandro Fernandez would not meet with journalists at the palette.

Apparently, Alejandro Fernandez will not go to journalists in the palette (Photo: Instagram/@alexoficial)
Apparently, Alejandro Fernandez will not go to journalists in the palette (Photo: Instagram/@alexoficial)

Some journalists’ voices confirmed that Alejandro Fernández declined to give some interviews, which he considered a reasonable measure not to publicize Palatine’s presentation. “This time the cameras and microphones are savedWe omit any mention, publicity and/or report of any kind in connection with the mentioned incident while protecting the dignity and integrity of the media”, it can also read.

Some of the media signing the said document were Image Television, Quadratín Jalisco, TVY Novelas, Channel 6, TV Azteca, Radioformula, Televisa, Telemundo, Univision You MVS Radio. It should be noted that this last communication channel ignored the October 21 statement:

“MVS Radio” It dissociates itself from the information released in a statement signed by several media outlets. ExaFM, The Best FM You FM Globo are not part of this publication, so we reiterate our friendship between the group and @alexoficial, We respect the decision of other media.”A tweet shared by the account of @ExaFM and other radio stations of the same production company.

Given the situation, Alejandro Fernández decided to remain silent and limited himself to sharing the various ways in which his Jalisco public showed him affection. Through his official Instagram account, the son of Vicente Fernandez He recounted the tentative stories of those attending his event at the Palenque de las Fiestas de Octubre. It should be noted that the interpreter i set out to lose you He filled all the entrances to the Guadalajara event.

This is not the first time Alejandro Fernandez has been involved in controversy or controversy for his concerts. In September of this year he joined List of artists who have rejected their doctor Simi TeddyIt should be remembered that it has become a custom of the Mexican public to throw this doll at the singers.

At that time, Internet users strongly criticized the singer for her actions at the Palenque of the Potosina National Fair (FENAPO). It was while singing the canta Corazon that someone in the audience passed the famous doctor Simi with a bouquet of roses. The artist put the flowers aside and Instead of keeping Teddy away, he took it back to kick him.

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