Alert of a new cyberattack via Meta Messenger chatbot

Cybercriminals use their social engineering techniques on Messenger chatbot With the aim of Facebook to impersonate the support team user password theft,

This scam starts with a email from PhishingWhose concept and message body informs about the need to contact the team Prevent your profile from being deletedBecause the social network ‘claims to have found’ some content that violates the rules of the virtual community.

Mail also provides a link that redirects to a Messenger conversation with a chat, which again provides another link as if it were a tech support service. Really, Fraud sends victim a form Which ‘works’ to not lose the account in 48 hours.

The support page provides the above form for users, which they need to fill out with personal data and a password. Also, when they click ‘Send’, they directed to a dual authentication page In which the countdown for verification appears.

When the numeric code of authentication is entered, the web Redirects to a real Facebook Help Center page Contains information on intellectual property and copyright.

Cybercriminals may ask for an electronic signature to be able to conduct transactions.

So You Can Detect These Phishing Attacks

From Panda Security they offer the following advice:

  • Review the words in the message body for grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Analyze the subject of the email.
  • Verify the sender’s domain.
  • Check the URL of the web page and inspect whether the domain matches the origin so that cybercriminals cannot access the accounts.

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