Alex Fernandez is the real successor of Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez and his grandson Alexey

When a celebrity leaves this world, it is more than known that their relatives suffer the pain of loss, but there is also the problem of inheritance, especially when celebrities do not leave a bequest, but there are cases in which the inheritance is given and there is no problem..

This is the case of Alex Fernández, the son of the colt, who received the most valuable inheritance from his grandfather, the great Mexican Charo, Vicente Fernández, and it was by the church on the day of their wedding, November 11, that he was left to him by Don Chante himself. which was most valuable to him.

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His father Alejandro was in charge of disclosing the valuable legacy, his pistol, suit and legacy, to the press: “The pistol he brings was given to him by my father, the Charo suit was given to him by him, practically as it is. that he had given to her.” I gave it,” Alejandro Fernandez said, referring to the gifts Vicente had given to his grandson.

real heir

And it is that Alex has followed his father and his grandfather, the musical profession, and when he gave her the Charo Suit, Don Vicente gave her the task of continuing the family lineage and tradition, something she had never seen before. did not accompany his other children or grandchildren, thus making it clear that he is the true heir.

Alex Fernandez and his wife

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