Alexa in Amazon Kids Spain comes with parental controls, time limits, voice purchase blocking and more

Amazon introduced Amazon Kids to Alexa, a Free service and available on Echo devices To create a safe and conducive environment for children in the age group of three to twelve years. Now small children of the house will be able to enjoy it skills Entertainment, educational content and playlists.

This tool gives minors access to their favorite content, as well as Provides peace of mind for parents Because Amazon Kids guarantees an age-appropriate experience for kids.

The service provides adults with a parental control panel, time limits, and a filter to block music that contains lyrics with explicit content. On the other hand, it prohibits any purchase by voice and establishes for parents full control of activities,

How can I use Amazon Kids?

To start the Amazon Kids experience on Alexa, you’ll need to Adults create and approve child profiles through the Alexa appHowever it is also possible to develop Voice ID and Visual ID on screened devices to activate the experience on one or more Echo devices.

Amazon Kids is on Alexa Available on Echo and Echo Show devices Via a new free software update.

Nearly 300 million items were sold with Prime Day and the same could happen with this new event.

Amazon Kids Features

  • Panel D Control Parental: Parents can customize the use of Alexa by selecting the services their children can use. In addition, it allows adults to view their children’s activities, view and delete voice recordings.
  • profile for kids: When a child’s profile is created, Alexa recognizes their voice and automatically provides tailored feedback.
  • time limit: Daily time limit can be set.
  • clear content filter: This functionality automatically filters songs with clear lyrics from Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify so kids can listen to their favorite songs freely.
  • educational material: Kids can ask Alexa questions about science, math, spelling, definitions, or any other topic that piques their curiosity.
  • Calls and video calls with contacts pre-approved by parentsKids can make and receive calls and video calls on Echo devices with screens, contacts pre-approved by their parents and who have an Echo device or the Alexa app.
  • indoor communicationAmazon Kids on Alexa: Allows announcements, calls, messages and ‘drop in’ within the home.

Dolby Atmos is included.

Privacy Features

The little ones in the house will get a response appropriate to their age, and Amazon has added Alexa and other Echo devices to various . is designed with Security Elements and Privacy Layers,

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