Alexa turns 4 in Spain: we talked to her 11,000 million times

This Sunday, November 6th, Alexa has served 4 years in Spain and 8 since birth in the United States.

In our country all these years, their knowledge and intelligence have increased, and not only their understanding of Spanish has improved, but He’s also learned different accents to be a local,

In the last year, users of Alexa In Spain it has been interacted with 5,000 million times, thus adding 11,000 million conversations in Spanish territory in these four years,

“During the first four years, users in Spain have had more than 11,000 million interactions with Alexa, of which 5,000 million occurred in the last year alone,” says Gianmaria Visconti, head of Amazon Alexa in France, Italy and Spain. . “It, added User growth of over 40% in just twelve monthsallows us to believe we are on the right track and that Alexa is, increasingly, part of Spanish families”.

day to day alexa in spanish area

Alexa assists with day-to-day tasks in a number of ways, due to which she Be another member of Spain’s families, Curiosity is one of the most distinctive elements, “Alexa, how old is Sun” or “Alexa, what saint is it today?” has questions. Some of the most sought after and, among so many requests this past year, they’ve also had their moment to show their love: Alexa received six million “Alexa, I love you” in just the last year.

voice service heroine Was born with the aim of making daily tasks easier through voice. In the past twelve months alone, Alexa has programmed 46 million reminders and 157 million timers, as well as set 182 million alarms at the request of users in Spain., The routines functionality in Alexa makes it a great ally for anyone who needs to do multiple things at the same time. multitasking It accompanies their daily lives: in the last year alone, 591 million actions have been activated through this functionality.

especially More than 40% of homes in Spain have more than one connected device with Alexa And, this year alone, the number of Alexa users in our country has increased by more than 40%. In addition, over a billion interactions related to the digital home have been recorded in the past twelve months, in addition, 261 million requests to Alexa to turn the lights on or off or check the thermostat, among others.

Being informed is one of the trends for Alexa users in Spain: 27 million people have consulted the news and 124 million people have asked about weather conditions. In addition, Alexa is a good companion when going to the supermarket: the Alexa shopping list functionality has been used 47 million times in Spain. With regards to communication, in the past year, Spain has made 15 million calls to talk to loved ones via Alexa, dropped them four and a half million times and the “announce” function was used 8 million times Is.

and especially The kitchen is still a great hero And during the past year Alexa delivered more than 1.6 million recipes through the Cookpad cooking skill, with some of the most popular being French toast, gazpacho and, for those with a sweet tooth, yogurt cake.

music and relaxation

Music is a clear hero, Well, this year Alexa has played 317 million hours of music (equivalent to 36 thousand years of music) and 645 million since its arrival in our region., In the past 12 months, Alexa has doubled the hours of music playback in Spanish homes compared to the previous three years, showing how Alexa users in Spain are increasingly relying on Amazon’s voice service to deliver play play For the soundtrack of his life. And, the most requested song in 2022 by Sebastian Yatra is ‘Tacones Rojos’.

And in the midst of so many tasks and obligations, he has also taken the time to rest, Specifically, 850,000 hours of meditation have been recorded. With Diana Yoga Meditation Studio in the last 2 years because of the skills available in our country.

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