Alfredo Adam had emergency surgery this morning

alfredo adame was operated on emergency This morning, as part of a medical intervention to treat the injuries he suffered during a brawl in which he was involved, which led to four cracks on his face; The most severe is located near the right eye.

This morning, the 64-year-old actor shared a video on his Instagram account in which he indicated that he would have immediate surgery, as prolonging the intervention on the crack under his right eye would be too risky.

Adam said he received news on Friday night, with medical reports rescheduled his surgery, which was first scheduled within three weeks, however, they told him that he would be operated on given the severity of the injury. . as soon as possible.

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“Hello friends? Good day. Today they operate on me, they told me on Friday that they will operate on me today as an emergency, more or less at 8:30 am or 9:00 am.”

The driver also explained that Operation under which he was made by the application of four titanium plates, which were placed on the right cheekbone, which was one of the most affected areas, after the blows Edem received in the face, according to his statement—by some men. , when the actor was trying to document the brawl that happened around his house.

Moments later, the actor shared another video, in which he is seen at the Dr. Manuel Gay González General Hospital, where he arrived very early on Monday at 6:00 a.m. waiting to be admitted to the hospital.

According to the information they provided, the surgery was brought forward by three weeks because the wound could have been scarred and “they could not risk it”, therefore, the intervention would be carried out with a duration of approximately three hours, therefore, this In the moment, the actor will be coming out of the operating room.

“Of course I’m going to stay here in the hospital to sleep, I wish you all the best and a hug (…) I hope everything goes well.”

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