Alfredo Adam was beaten up outside his house. VIDEO

Alfred Adam, famous tv host, He was thrashed outside his house in Talalpan. The presenter revealed that they were attacked while trying to help a couple, as one of them was injured. However, the response he got was aggression. He explained that he had a possible retinal detachment after the blow, as he could not see anything.

According to his testimony, Alfredo Adame was beaten up outside his house. It all started when the actor realized that there were several patrols on the corner of his house in Tepepan, the Talapan mayor’s office, and he went to see what was happening. When they reached the spot, they realized that there was a dead policeman and an injured woman.

Alfredo wanted to support the woman and approached her to help, and when he asked what happened to her, a man accompanying her punched her in the face, hit her in the right eye, they ground her. Throw it on and they go to more people to kick it.

This is how the attack against Alfredo Edem began

Alfredo Adam said happy come how he experienced this aggression outside his home; 3 Talpan from the prosecutor’s office narrated the events:

“As I approach the door of my house, a man comes with a woman with a bullet in the shoulder. I thought he wanted me to pass them, so the guy went out and got very close to me and I told him ‘hey, I can help you with something’ and he said ‘get the hell out of here. .. crap gossip’ and I he throws a punch and I dodge him, he kicks me. Then he turns, I kick him and another comes from behind and punches me… I’ve got six or eight stitches and probably my retina severed it,” said the driver of the VLA.


This is Alfredo Adam after the aggression; can’t see properly with one eye

Also the driver explained that Can’t see properly with right eye So the trial is in the prosecutor’s office where he will stand trial for the attacks against him.

“Sure, a medical examiner is going to see me. My wound is on the right eyebrow and under the eye. Surely I have a retinal detachment, because I can’t see anything,” he assured.

Alfredo Adam uploaded photos of his injuries

In addition, the famous uploaded several photos of injuries sustained after the attacks on his Instagram account.

He said, “A few minutes ago I was a victim of some thugs, had some serious injuries… I’ll tell you later… I’m fine.”

Notably with Maria Luisa Valdés Doria, it was reported that the soap opera presenter and actor was beaten up outside her home while those involved went to the prosecutor’s office.


Alfredo Adame controversy

Prior to this, Alfredo Edem was involved in various controversies, including feuds with the audience, problems with King Gruppero, Carlos Trejo, Diana Golden, Laura Bozo, Marie Paz Banquel and Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


With information from Maria Luisa Valdés Dorias


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