Alfredo Adem: This is how Laura Zapata made fun of the actor’s beating

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TookAfter an attack by Alfredo Adam by some of the subjects, Various personalities came to light to comment on the incident and one of them was Laura Zapata, who decided to make fun of the tragedy that the actor is going through.

Laura Zapata mocks the tragedy Alfredo Adem is going through

thus, Laura Zapata talks about the incident that involved Alfredo Adam, After he was attacked by two men outside his house.

“Is it true that he wanted to do something good? To the goofy… look, I think what you do in life and throw it out into the universe comes back to you like a boomerang and chops off your head.” Lets,” said the artist in an interview for the program Ventaneando.

Even then, Soap opera villain reveals that Edem has never been an example to society And also told that he killed women.

“He’s been a very courageous man who’s only messed with women, hit women, insulted women, so I say ‘Okay, my son, get a little bit of your own chocolate, myself. Rub,” he said.

in the same way, Thalia’s sister insists on the danger that her colleague runs because of her lifestyle And advised him not to mess with the wrong people, because there are dangers he cannot face.

“And if he continues with that plan, he may even lose his life, because he is a man who descends into a shirt eleven yards, and you can find someone more here than him, and look, Got one already. I think he needs to go for treatment, because life is very bad sir, his life is of pure scams, no,” he said.

Why is Laura Zapata not friends with Alfredo Adam?

On the other hand, Laura Zapata reveals her life-long differences with Alfredo Adam which they regard as personalityless.

“He played my husband, so he never learned drama, he never learned lessons, I followed him and said ‘Please! Let’s practice’, He told me ‘No, it’s french fries for me, day You will see the premiere’, the next step, when it comes to staging, thank you, you know the theater has levels, there are breeds between dogs, so the gentleman had to go out in front of me to applaud […] Then he went to the businessman ‘This is how I want to go out to have a thanksgiving applause with Laura Zapata’, and I said ‘No, let him go out and applaud him, and I go after him to applaud am'”, he explained.

eventually, The 66-year-old actress insists that Alfredo Adam should stay away from problemsSince he is not a young man and should take more care of his integrity.

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