Alfredo Adem threatens journalist to spread video

Actor Alfredo Adem took action against journalist Carlos Jiménez, who revealed a video indicating that the driver made the first kick start of the struggle that ended in a beating.

In an interview with YouTuber Eden Dorantes, Driver said that the reporter “already has his eye on him and any time they’re going to get him a drug gang or a carjacker or something, they’re going to shoot him.”

They also attacked communicator Marifer Centeno and journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

On his Twitter account, @C4jimenez said that if Adam has any element, he must present it to the prosecutor’s office: “The man’s attitude is a pity.”

in his program, Canal 6 Told:

“If you have something against me, take a file, line up and wait your turn with a whole bunch of filthy people who are just as angry as you that I tell the truth.”

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