All About Matter, the Technology That Integrates Your Smart Home: What It Is, What Devices It Works on, and How It’s Compatibility

On 5 October, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announced the availability of the open standard Matter 1.0 provide compatibility in a wide variety of products smart home, This open standard seeks to improve the quality, stability and efficiency of software development kits (SDKs), thus addressing areas such as access control or interaction functions.

case allows different Devices and ecosystem are compatibleTherefore, manufacturers must adhere to the standard to ensure that electronic products are compatible with smart homes and voice assistants. In short, it integrates Internet of Things (IoT) devices Avoid user confusion due to the use of different ecosystems,

For example, a user can buy a Matter-compatible smart light bulb and set it up with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Alexa (without worrying about compatibility). Thanks to Matter, platform support has been extended and builds fast device setup,

The first protocol runs on the WiFi and Thread network layers, using Bluetooth Low Energy for configuration. While it will support multiple platforms, a voice assistant and apps will have to be chosen because no solid matter platform,

On which devices does it work?

Some devices will work with mater after firmware update, but unfortunately others will never be compatible (check with recommended manufacturers)

For now, Matter 1.0 Covers the following categories,

  • Bombilla and Switch.
  • smart locks.
  • garage door controller.
  • HVAC Controller.
  • Multimedia equipment including television.
  • smart plug.
  • Smart blinds and shutters.
  • Safety and security sensors.
  • Thermostat.

Security cameras, doorbells and robotic vacuums will be added in the next update.

Users can control their systems with a remote, an app, or even voice commands.

How is compatibility achieved?

will achieve brand compatibility thank you their renewal centersbeing the most effective way to avoid the problem of hardware inconsistent

The update makes it possible to connect older systems, as well as show that standards can coexist. Thread technology allows devices to act as routers and form a mesh network that can pass data, increasing range and reliability.

It is available now.
Thing Authentication.

Which manufacturers support Matter?

The idea emerged in 2019 under the name ‘Project Connected Home over IP’ (CHIP) and was supported by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Zigbee Alliance, IKEA, Legrand, Schneider Electric and Signify. in present, more than 180 companies We have joined to offer products suited to this standard.

Google I will have native matter support Android 13 and Google AssistantIn addition, the technology will be linked to a ‘Fast Pair’ system so that the device can be quickly detected on an Android mobile once it is powered on.

In the meantime, Apple announced at its annual WWDC 2022 event that iOS 16 Thanks to HomeKit will be compatible with Matter.

Spain is the fourth European country to return the most products purchased in e-commerce.

Why are WiFi and Threads necessary?

The Matter 1.0 standard includes vendor-specific equipment, noting that the underlying network technologies (WiFi and Thread) are key elements in Matter (it also uses Ethernet and Bluetooth Low Energy).

Allows Wi-Fi devices Interact via a high-bandwidth local network To communicate with the cloud. On the other hand, threads provide a mesh network to provide a optimal performance,

Are there privacy risks?

Fears about security and privacy prevail in the area of smart homeHowever, the case designed to be safe, CSA has published a set of security and privacy principles to ensure that people connect authentic, authenticated and up-to-date devices to their homes and networks.

collection and The exchange of data will take place between the user and the manufacturer or provider. Matter products, on the other hand, connect directly to the Internet and provide local control.

70% of Spaniards do not trust the cyber security of the smart devices in their home.

it is available now

The first release was planned for the end of 2020, but was delayed twice.

Now finally the SDK, Tools and Test Cases they are available, and eight authorized laboratories have been opened for product certification. That means there may be more Matter-enabled home appliances to come Go on sale this October 2022,

CSA indicates that the latest delay added more devices and platforms to ensure correct operation ahead of the official launch, and for now, Over 130 devices work to achieve compatibility certification,

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