All References to Pre-Hispanic Mexico in ‘Black Panther 2’ by Tenoch Huerta and Mabel Cadena

The creators of the film version of Namor decided to move the Antihero from Atlantis to Talokan, a kingdom under the sea inspired by the mythical paradise of Tlaloc, a place where water is an almost divine elemental substance.

In Marvel lore, the character Namor is a human, mutant and Atlantis hybrid who heads the underwater kingdom of Atlantis., sometimes called Atlantis. He is neither a simple villain nor a hero, but he is an unbelievable supernatural force as well as an unwavering protector of his people.

In the decades since his first comic book appearance in 1939, Namor has been largely associated with various superheroes, including T’Challa (better known as Black Panther). Now her debut on the big screen is with the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe director Ryan Coogler,

Like T’Challa’s home in Wakanda, Talokan is a small, secretive but mighty kingdom. While T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) opens Wakanda to the rest of the world at the end black cultR, Ruler Namor was adamant that Talokan should be hidden from outsiders,

The Underwater Kingdom is a reference to Tlalocán, the paradise of Tlaloc. in pre-Hispanic Mexico Water was a fundamental element that allowed communication between man, nature and divinity, This was also the origin, as the Bakabeen god rose from the water and took hold of the sky. And in Maya religion it was believed that humans appeared after the flood.

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in your work water legends in mexicoEssayist, Historian and Poet Andres Gonzalez Pageso Defines Tlalocan “the place where the dead drowned or were struck by lightning”While anthropologists and experts in Mesoamerican cosmovision, Alfredo Lopez Austinin his book tamoanchan y tlalokandescribes it “A water tank containing trees and containing a mythical tree, Tamoanchan”,

The film only provides few details about the making of Talokan and its people. The MCU’s Tlalocán was created in the 16th century when Tlaloc, the rain god, called upon people living in the Yucatán to drink from an underwater flower. When they were physically transformed and able to live underwater, the people created Talokan, with Namor destined to be their king.

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In the comics, Namor is the mutant son of a human explorer and an Atlantis princess. Gifted with superior strength and swimming abilities, he can also fly, making him a worthy adversary. He has great resentment towards the terrestrial civilizations polluting his sea area.

The character’s fierce commitment to his people is recovered in the film version. explained by tenoch huerta (known for his roles in gyros, Holy Week You forever pure, Namor follows a code in which he seeks the safety and welfare of his community.

He doesn’t see himself as a villain because, in his eyes, the actions are justified by protecting a city steeped in tragic history. In the comics, Atlantis sinks to the bottom of the ocean after a cataclysm by the celestials (the cosmic beings seen in the film). Eternal by Chloe Zhao), while in the MCU, Talokan begins as a refuge for those fleeing the colonists.

Namor is said to be the winged serpent god, who links the antihero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Kukuln., a divinity (chiefly worshiped by the Mayans) the provider of rain, wind, storms and life. However, for some anthropologists such as Charles Lincoln, Kukulkan is also according to his work. Ethnicity and Social Organization in Chichen Itza“The title of the sovereign who ruled Chichen Itza and whose distinctive symbol is a winged serpent.”

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The reason Namor is compared with the Kukulkan is due to its origins and the mythical powers of the underwater character. Namor is unique among other inhabitants of Talokan due to its birth and physical characteristics. One of their most defining physical features is their ankle feathers, a reason Namor is associated with ancient pre-Hispanic divinity.

Inspired by the visual splendor of Mesoamerica, costume designer Ruth E. Carter is the creator of the flashy feathered headdress worn by Namor and Namora (Mabel Cadena) in the film. Composed of feathers, jade and seaweed as raw materials, the head of the supreme ruler of Talocán is a tribute to Quetzalcoatl, a divinity of Aztec culture identified with the feathered serpent.

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(Left) Olmec Monument in La Venta, Tabasco. (Right) A jade mask with a shark’s tooth in Petén, Guatemala.

Another reference is found in the grand throne of Namor made from the jaws of a giant shark. The remains of shark teeth have been found in many Maya archaeological areas. From elaborate jewelry pieces to edged weapons, their variety of uses never ceases to amaze. One of the most famous items is the Shark Tooth Jade Mask Discovered in a tomb in Petén (in Guatemala), belonged to a king of Tikal who called himself Yax Ehb Zuk, which translates as “the first shark tooth”.

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