Allison Loews suffers mental health decline upon return to Mexico

Well, Chihuahua previously mentioned that since she was one of the most successful child actresses of the San Angel television station, she suffered from various ailments due to the stress of her work and the harassment from the press and her fans.

He later commented that this was the reason he decided to retire from acting at the age of 16, as well as move to the United States to stay away from the media altogether.

Despite the fact that she assured that this decision helped her to improve her mental health, she recently decided to return to Mexico, triggering the anxiety and depression that she had controlled for a long time.

Through her Instagram account, Xtrees explained that the anxiety was primarily “just to be minimal at the time”, returning on December 14, as even Alison shared that among the symptoms she was experiencing earlier. From this she recognizes that in her relapse there is migraine, shortness of breath. Wants to go away from people.

Well, through her stories, she said that “I have had anxiety and clinical depression since I was a child… when I was about 11 and retired from my job at 16. helped me because stress triggers this type of brain disease. many of my symptoms were not being able to see anyone, i was short of breath, a thousand disorganized thoughts, just wanted to sleep so as not to think No, migraine and my body aches a lot.

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