Allows multiple links on Instagram profile

Instagram had been testing the possibility of adding more than one link to a profile biography internally for several months, as we discussed at 20BITS at the beginning of the year. Now, it seems that this novelty is starting to appear among some users of the platform.

Being able to link to more than one page is especially useful for people who use social networks to sell their products or services online. Many Internet users resorted to links on third-party platforms like linktree So that his followers can access more than one website at a time. With the tool Meta is testing, this will not be necessary and you will be able to use Instagram directly.

Although now not everyone can enjoy this functionality, some content creators have started using it. One of the lucky ones is Sarah Page, a hairstylist and influential person of 122,000 followers There are 3 links in his bio.

As Page told Business Insider, he realized he had this tool a month or two ago: “when you are influential personYou usually need to put multiple links in your bio, It’s annoying when you can’t.”

The ban is in the testing phase and may not finally be implemented.

Other users don’t have this feature yet, but they can insert Link to your Facebook profile and other externals. Through this less widespread innovation, Meta seeks to unify even more its two social networks, which will soon be able to be used from the same interface if desired.

It is not yet known whether the ability to add more than one external link to Meta will be something exclusive to creator accounts or if it will be expanded to all Instagram users. Despite this, the company has confirmed it is finally testing it, months after developer Alessandro Paluzzi commented on Twitter that it was being worked on internally.

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