Altair Jarabo and her defense of marriage to a man over 20 years old

Altair Jarabo decided to answer questions from his fans via his Instagram account (Photo by Adrian Monroe / Medios y Media / Getty Images).

Actress Altair Jarabo, famous for her participation in telenovelas such as To hell with Handsome, Abyss of Passion and Warrior Heartrecently used her Instagram profile to exchange questions and answers with her fans and found that the topic of her wedding to French businessman Frederic García was one of the most interesting.

García and Jarabo were married in August 2021, in an intimate ceremony, and among their closest friends and family, in a luxurious Chateau de Valerie palace located in the French capital. The duet, which is currently based in Miami for their work issues relating to the recording of the telenovela the Lying GameTakes a difference of 20 years.

Jarabo’s own followers ask “Shall we talk?” In the face of the invitation, the questions were immediate. One of which the artist decided to answer – perhaps because it was expressed in a respectful tone – had to do with the generational difference between her husband and him. “How is the relationship with your husband who is older than you?” The doubt was shared by a follower on the actress’s account, where nearly 4 million people follow her.

He – without hesitation – answered. Telemundo’s new hero said, “What can I tell you? Other than the fact that I highly recommend them. I feel cared, supported, loved. That’s how it should be.” These statements confirm what he had already expressed. “Yes, I can tell you that difference makes me very happy. [Frédéric] She is a person with a lot of experience, who makes me very happy and who treats me like a woman,” he said in an interview during the red carpet of Alejandro Fernandez’s concert in May 2022.

The age difference between García and Jarabo is immense, there is no dearth of onlookers either. This has become known on social networks and even the press has not been able to refrain from making these comments since the civil union of the couple. It was even said that it could be a union based on interests. However, they don’t care. In fact, she ignores this type of criticism.

“I have one quality: I don’t listen [comentarios] Negative. And it doesn’t deserve an answer. I am very happy. I think that’s the only thing worth saying,” she said at the same Fernandez concert. The actress insisted, at the time, how she felt about her newly married life. “I’m so happy, in love. Very excited, very excited, I feel very happy. I think everything makes sense,” he said. And things don’t seem to have changed since then.

Something that hasn’t changed is the couple’s approach to the issue of children. In 2021 she expressed: “As I have already said, motherhood will have to wait. And I say it very clearly: I want Frederick for me to have a good time. I want to have a few years of my marriage. I want to enjoy what we love.” Now, in 2022, she reiterates it by clarifying that “No (not the kids yet), moment. Let’s go step by step. I don’t dismiss it, but I want to enjoy some alone time with my husband.” “

After barely a year and a half of marriage, Jarabo enjoys her marriage to the fullest and does not shy away from thorny issues. At the end of the day, she says she is happy and as long as it is, it doesn’t matter what people think. Jarabo and Garcia live their union to enjoy it, not to display it on social networks.

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