Altair Jarabo Confirms What Many Believe Is Her Millionaire Husband’s Best Feature

Altair Zarabo and her husband

Soap opera actress Altair Jarabo has just celebrated one year of marriage, and what has attracted the most attention is that she married French-born millionaire Frederick Garcia, who is 19 years her senior.

Hence, many have speculated that it is a relationship based on interest in which the actress has chosen millions instead of the handsome young boyfriend and lover that the handsome soap opera villain has.

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But Altaïr has put an end to the rumors that she married Ruchi, as she has clearly stated that she did not marry her beautiful and young exes because they were too immature for her, so she dated them for a long time. Not seen. partners.

Frederick Garcia is a businessman and diplomat

Frederick Garcia wins her over because of his great experience and intelligence, something that Altaïr greatly values, as he has stated on several occasions that he “highly recommends” her marrying someone older than they are with him. Treated like a queen, taken care of and loved.

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