Alternatives to WhatsApp You Can Use During Its Global Downfall

WhatsApp instant messaging platform is the most used platform worldwide. However, on occasion, it falls victim to crashes that force users to resort to other services to communicate digitally. In fact, right now they are dropping one of them.

is probably the best known Telegram, with over 200 million active users, This app is very similar to WhatsApp, it is free and provides end-to-end privacy.

But Telegram is not the only messaging platform that can be used as an alternative to WhatsApp. they too Signal, Threema, Wire, Riot.IM, Vickers, others.

Available on Android and iOS.

Users who don’t want to install a new platform on their devices can always use apps they probably already use regularly. some examples are Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord or TikTok.

In addition, some may resort to the traditional method call by telephone If what they had to say is important. Until the WhatsApp problem is resolved, any option is good to contact people who are not close to us.

Memes on Twitter after the collapse of WhatsApp

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