Amaya Monteiro: His whereabouts are unknown; Singer alerts her sister, friends and fans

This question is asked by fans of the singer, as well as by friends and people close to the former singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, who a week ago alerted by posting a photo on social networks. Devastated, in his own words: “destroyed”.

The interpreter, who has been off social networks after admitting his mental discomfort on previous occasions, offered no explanation for the worrying black-and-white snapshot that went around the world.

“If hope is the last thing that dies and I haven’t lost it yet, then what is the use of life for me?” The Spanish artist writes in a mysterious way among the many comments that this photo, published twice on Instagram, agitated.

Image and these words come a few days later, with a more cheerful attitude, announcing on the same social network the fifth solo album of his career and his return to music for the first time in four years.

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Amaya’s sister broke the silence?

The artist’s own sister confirmed that her relative was in a depressive state.

Idoiya Monteiro, referring to the program, said, “Amaya is not going through her best moment, I appreciate the support she has given to her sister.” public mirror. For his part, in an interview for the series Antenna 3Idoiya clarified that he is not the spokesperson, nor is he responsible to the media for his sister’s image, he also insisted on clarifying that he is not the right person to respond to the press regarding this situation. .

In August, when Amaya turned 46, Idoiya dedicated an emotional message to her on Instagram, along with a gentle photo of her as they were kids.

“Siesta, we look like the girls from “The Shining”… you keep your mouth so open and I wake up with my eyes so open…
We’ve had the good, the bad, the average time… and now we understand each other. I thank you for this. I couldn’t have had a better sister/mirror than you. The most important thing is the most important thing, that’s why I love you, and I want you to accomplish many, many, many more! Blow out the candles now @amaiamonterooficial We are in time!


Where is Amaya Monteiro?

spanish program Festival The singer’s music producer in the US was contacted by Marcelo Vaccaro, and mentioned on the show that “he thought Amaya’s account had been hacked” and then, he received a call from the artist at 4 a.m., which for the time was The answer could not be given.

news paper World reported that, following the media uproar caused by the incident, Vaccaro has not been able to contact Monteiro, so he does not know his current whereabouts and the artist will be missing.

“After this, Marcelo was unable to contact the singer, so he does not know his current whereabouts amid this media uproar,” the information portal said.

Spanish music producer Aurelio Manzano denied that the situation was the product of a marketing strategy to promote a new single or album.

“Nobody is trivializing anything, it’s not part of any promotional or marketing campaign. (We feel) very careful because we are dealing with a sensitive health issue,” he said.

Anna Toroza assures that at times “taking photos in poor light, without makeup, because we can all go out …” and believes that if the singer wants to publish the said image ” Because she feels cool with it. Or because she needs something, to provoke some effect with that picture,” he conceded according to Europa Press.

*With information from El Timpo/Colombia/GDA


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