Amazon announces a new ‘Prime Day’ in 2022: When can you enjoy your discount?

Creating a New ‘Savings Party’ for Amazon Tuesday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 12, The ecommerce platform has called this event ‘Prime Early Access Sale’, But, in essence, it is still the same as Prime Day which was celebrated in mid-July this year.

While it hasn’t detailed which items will be discounted in the Prime Early Access sale, the company has mentioned the names of a few brands that will be added to the discount. these are Philips Sonicare, Lego, Adidas, Samsung, iRobot, KitchenAid, Peloton and New Balance, among others.

In addition, Amazon has informed that they are reviewing a new list of The 100 “Most Popular and Giftable” Products To launch some offers in those two days of the event on your e-commerce store.

To enjoy discounted items, Consumers will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime, a paid service that has a free trial month for new users. So, like Prime Day, your strategy with the Prime Early Access sale is to build customer loyalty.

93% of users look at other reviews before buying.

It is not known whether the Prime Early Access sale will continue annually with Prime Day from 2015 onwards. However, this ‘Black Friday preview’ may have the same results as ‘Saving Party’ in July, one that sold out About 300 million items.

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