Amazon files first complaint against a fake review website in Spain

Amazon expands the scope of its legal action First lawsuit in Spain, review agency directed against Page for buying and selling reviews, This website located in our country is as follows target With whom, according to whom the sellers and customers of are huge electronic commerceRelates through third-party instant messaging services to bypass the “rigid controls” of the Platform.

According to the investigation conducted by the company, the “alleged criminal” Will refund the price of the purchased products Once a five star review is posted on the store heroine,

The lawsuit is part of Amazon’s strategy in the fight against this global phenomenon. The case is one of the first to be filed in Spain. Following the recent amendment of the unfair competition law by the Spanish legislator, which aims to avoid the effects and distortions of competition fake review encouraged.

Dharmesh Mehta, Global Vice President, Seller Services, said, “Holding violators for their actions through filing civil lawsuits and criminal charges is one of the many steps we have taken to protect our customers so that they can visit our stores. You can shop with confidence.” , “Amazon will continue to work tirelessly to identify and hold accountable violators who attempt to abuse its review system. There is no place for fake reviews on AmazonOr elsewhere in the retail distribution chain.

First trial in Europe

In addition to this action in our country, Amazon has also filed its first criminal complaint europaagainst which it is directed A very relevant review business page in Italy,

The defendant claimed to be a network of people wishing to purchase the product on Amazon and Post a 5-star review in exchange for a full refund of the price of the product, company decision Jeff Bezos The statement said the initiation of criminal proceedings seeks to “deter criminals who benefit from defrauding honest consumers and business partners.”

Persons who are condemned for such activity could face prison sentences and fines under Italian law,

Example of false reviews in 'El Hormiguero'.

Action on reviews around the world

These two processes are among the 10 new cases filed recently. America (in addition to existing) Against administrators of more than 11,000 web pages and groups in social networks Trying to post fraudulently encouraging reviews on Amazon and other stores in exchange for free products or money.

Amazon also sent warning letters to five websites that use . are situated Germanywhat Visitors directed to a fake review business page, As a result, the five websites agreed to stop this activity by signing a cease-and-desist letter.

Some manufacturers offer refunds or gift cards to avoid bad reviews.

He explained to the company that Spend a significant amount of “resources investigating and taking legal action against fake review business pages” in order to prevent them from promoting the publication of false opinions in their stores.” To do this, they have a global team of expert investigators, lawyers, analysts and “experts of all kinds.”

,Amazon will be open to cooperating with all parties involved and to seek the support of other industry players as well as government agencies, regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies to improve identification systems and increase action against this type of business”, they concluded.

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