Amazon Gives 15 Euros Before Its Prime Day: So You Can Get Them

Amazon will launch the second tomorrow ‘Prime Day’ 2022, which will run until Wednesday, October 12. The event aims to retain its paying customers through special discounts for premium customers. But it looked like they didn’t have enough with the sales before Black Friday and the ecommerce platform has decided to give 15 euro coupon.

There are two ways to get 15 euros from Amazon, however, if you use one you can’t get the other. Also, there is a mandatory requirement to get the coupon in any form Amazon Prime Customer.

con amazon photos

To get 15 euros with Amazon Photos, Users may never have activated this Platform service, All they have to do is download the Amazon Photos app, sign in with a Prime account, and give all requested permissions to access the accounts.

You will then need to activate the auto save option for the application to copy photos or upload photos to the cloud manually. After doing this, Amazon will contact the user within 7 days To inform them that they have received a 15 euro coupon to spend on the e-commerce platform.

This option will be available only till 31 October. If you have any questions, here is the link where they explain the process.

It was tested for the first time in 2019.

with amazon app

Users who have never downloaded the Amazon app on a device can get coupons Installing it for the first time. Users will have to log in and also have to wait for 7 days to get the reward from the company.

This option will be available only Till 31st December 2022. If you have any questions, here is the link where they explain the process.

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