Amazon launches delivery drone that works in high temperature and light rain

Amazon is building such a drone will provide delivery services After the project was hampered by several failures, accidents and fires.

MK30 device will enter service in 2024 and is designed to be quiet, travel further, maneuver, land autonomously and deliver packages up to five kilos. On the other hand, he is able to identify distances and avoid obstacles safely,

The said drone will undergo a rigorous evaluation by national aerospace authorities to demonstrate its safety and reliability. Therefore, Amazon hopes Device delivers packages in less than an hourHowever, in some cases the time can be reduced to 30 minutes.

MK30 creates real and safe routesIs raft shore (a computer integrated into the delivery van with a camera to visualize the roads and a GPS that collects the images) and testing the system keyless entry (A keyless entry method that makes it easy to open the drone).

For now, it has only been tested in the cities of Lockford (California) and College Station (Texas), moreover, they will be the first to receive deliveries from the Prime Air program when it becomes operational.

Huge e-commerce It is expected to deliver 500 million packages annually by the end of this decade, plans to operate in highly populated areas and will record zero carbon emissions,

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