Amazon launches its new Kindle 2022 in Spain for 109.99 euros

Amazon has already released the new generation of Kindle which it announced last month and which we talked to 20BITS about. According to the brand it has a 2022 model of the e-book Smallest and lightest ever released.

The device is available on the company’s ecommerce platform for 109.99 Euros and stands for premium features at an affordable price. you have a new kindleA 6-inch, high-resolution, glare-free display is 300 dots per inch (dpi.)), which allows texts and images to look better than in previous versions.

According to Amazon, these screen details make reading on the device similar to reading on printed paper. Also, Kindle has a dark mode And this loose frontal It can be adjusted to the taste of the user so that it adapts to any situation, so that sunlight and darkness do not hinder reading.

Kindle 2022 can be read without any problem even in bright sunlight.
Kindle 2022 can be read without any problem even in bright sunlight.

Kindle (2022) is 157.8 millimeters long, 108.6 millimeters wide and 8 millimeters thick, and It weighs only 158 grams, These features make it ideal to carry anywhere and even to hold with one hand without being uncomfortable.

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Its developers emphasize that the device’s battery lasts up to six weeks without a charge. For its part, the ability to burn is 16 gigabyte storageThat is, twice as much as its predecessor.

can be obtained on the device negro and in denim blueBut it also has official fabric covers to ‘tune’ them in pink, black, blue and green.

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