Amazon shuts down its division of small robotic delivery vehicles

Despite the fact that Amazon withdraws its home delivery robot The project was started three years ago,

Alyssa Carroll (Amazon spokesperson) told Bloomberg that “The Scout (device name) team is disbanding. During our limited field testing, we worked to create a unique delivery experience, but learned through feedback that aspects of the program were Did not meet customer needs,

As a result, Carroll states that they are “finishing the field trial and program redirect“Other than this, e-commerce “Works with employees during this transition, matching them with open roles that best suit their experience and skills.”

The company began testing robots on suburban sidewalks outside of Seattle in 2019, and has since conducted its trials in California, Georgia and Tennessee. These devices were designed stop at the main entrance of the house To open their lid when the customer picks up the package.

Androids they were battery powered To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its distribution operations, and a few months ago, Amazon was still holding meetings in the communities where the device was being tested.

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Bloomberg indicates that the electronic commerce giant “is adjusting for slow growth In its core retail group, it is delaying some investments and disconnecting others. The company has a reputation for supporting radical experiments that may take years to come to fruition.”

On the other hand, the same media outlet adds that Amazon is shutting down ‘Amazon Glo’ (a video call device focused on children), reducing the concentration of its corporate minority teams, and shutting down ‘Amazon Care’ (telehealth service). is happening.

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